South Dakota Physician Tuition Reimbursement Program

Department of Health
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount -
Duration Year

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This program provides qualifying family physicians a payment in return for three continuous years of practice in an eligible rural community. Practitioners must enter into a contract with the South Dakota Department of Health in order to qualify. The amount of tuition reimbursement for a qualifying physician is equal to double the University of South Dakota School of Medicine’s resident tuition for the most recent four-year period. The current amount is approximately $100,000.

To be eligible a physician must:

  • Be licensed as a physician in South Dakota
  • Have completed a three year allopathic residency or a two year osteopathic residency in family practice
  • Agree to practice as a family physician in an eligible community for at least three consecutive years
  • Provide services to Medicaid, Medicare and State Children’s Health Insurance Program patients

To be eligible a community must:

  • Have a population of 10,000 or less
  • Be assessed by the Department of Health and determined to both need and be able to sustain a family physician
  • Agree to pay a pro-rated portion of the total reimbursement payments
    • Under 2,500 population – 25%
    • 2,500-5,000 – 50%
    • Over 5,000 – 75%


This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

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