The Cytology “Student of the Year Award”

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The Cytology "Student of the Year Award" was started by Susan Maris and Janet Marcus, who formulated the rules while in office. The first winner was Sharon Wilkinson from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tony Kostecky, who served as President of the New Jersey Association of Cytology, strove with dedication and perseverance to keep our organization growing. So to honor him, after his passing in 1986, knowing that education was foremost in his mind, the cytology "Student of the Year Award" was renamed the "Antonin Kostecky Student of the Year Award".


Interesting Case Presentation Requirements:

1) One interesting case is to be submitted by each applicant using a format similar to the format found in the ASC Bulletin

2) The following are the submission and format requirements:

a. Paper should be:
• Typed double-spaced on 8½ X 11 paper with margins of 1 inch on all sides
• Pages numbered at the lower right hand corner
• List all references alphabetically at the end of the paper

b. Case description should include:
• All pertinent patient and clinical data relevant to the case
• Source of specimens and any special preparations used (i.e., Thin Prep, special stains, etc.)
• Full description of the cytologic detail
• Final cytologic and histologic diagnosis.
• A brief discussion of the case with up-to-date references relevant to the diagnosis
• Include pertinent graphs or charts

c. Submit 3 copies of the paper. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. With each case include:
• 2 prints of cytologic findings
• 2 prints of histologic finding
• Label the source and magnification on the print back
• Do Not include the name of your Cytotechnology School on the paper

d. Submit with your paper a letter from your Education Coordinator, which includes your name and address, and verifies your enrollment in an accredited school of Cytotechnology. You should be completing your training between June and September 2011.

e. The deadline for submission is May 13, 2011. Please be certain that the postmark is no later than this date. The award winning student and his/her Education Coordinator will be informed of the results no later than May 25, 2011.

3) The winner of the “Tony Kostecky Cytotechnology Student of the Year” will receive:
a. Free registration at the NJAC seminar on Saturday June 4, 2011 in Atlantic City, NJ
b. A $100 American Express gift card.
c. A Certificate of Award presented at the seminar
Please Note: Hotel Accomodation and Transportation to the seminar is not provided

4) Presentation: The winner of the “Student of the Year” will present a 10 to 15 minute presentation of his/her “Interesting Case” at the NJAC annual seminar. Kodachromes and any other visual aid needed to support the case should be used.

5) Please mail your entry to :
Prashant Solanki
100 Paulison Ave, Apt 18
Passaic, NJ 07055-4878

More Information

Anthony Delmar
Prashant Solanki
100 Paulison Ave, Apt 18
Passaic, NJ 07055-4878