The Maine Dental Education Loan Repayment Program

State of Maine
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount $20k - 80k
Duration 4 YearsPlease see website.


This program provides loan repayment assistance for dentists practicing general dentistry in eligible dental care facilities in underserved areas of the state of Maine. Any dentist licensed to practice in Maine who is employed in or intends to establish a qualified practice, has qualifying outstanding dental education loans and is not under agreement for loan repayment from a program funded by the National Health Service Corps. The dentist does not have to establish prior Maine residency.

Other Restrictions

Must be resident of Maine and meet EFC parameters. Parents income and assets are considered.

More Information

Thomas Patenaude
State of Maine
PO Box 949
5 Community Drive
Augusta, ME 04332-0949
Phone: 207-623-3263
Fax: 207-623-0095