The Patti LaBelle Scholarship

National Medical Association
Type Scholarship
Amount $5,000
Duration 1 Year


The National Medical Association is sponsoring three special award programs that recognize and reward African-American/black medical students for special achievements, academic excellence, leadership and potential for significant contributions to medicine.

The Patti LaBelle Scholarship and The NMA Emerging Scholar Awards are the highest honors presented to students by the National Medical Association. These awards recognize academic achievement, leadership and potential for distinguished contributions to medicine. Presented to current first, second, and third-year medical students, these awards also have a need component.

The Patti LaBelle Scholarship will be presented this year to the highest ranked candidate; the cash prize is $5,000. Each NMA Emerging Scholar Award will include a cash prize of $2,250.



    This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

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