Veterinary Student Employment Program

United States Department of Agriculture
Type Fellowship
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We have developed this program to provide for a schedule of periods of alternating attendance at an accredited veterinary school combined with periods of career-related work in experience in public health.

Students will work directly under the supervision of a USDA veterinarian acquiring knowledge of what veterinarians do throughout the Department. Students will learn what our in-plant veterinarians do to ensure the meat, poultry, and egg products that reach the consuming public are safe, wholesome and correctly labeled. Students will spend time with other veterinarians in the Agency to gain an understanding of the variety of roles veterinarians have in our public health regulatory agency.

The goal of the program is that the student complete 16 weeks (640 hours) of employment prior to obtaining their DVM degree. Therefore, the students to most benefit from the program are 1st and 2nd year students. Those students who complete 16 weeks of employment will be eligible for noncompetitive placement into a career position upon graduation. Completing 16 weeks of employment can be accomplished during school breaks (i.e., summer and holiday breaks) prior to completing their degree requirements. At a minimum, students will be asked to commit to 10 weeks of full-time employment during the summer.

Your hourly salary will be $15.85 per hour (may be higher depending on location).

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