Washington Osteopathic Foundation Eugene Imamura Scholarship

Washington Osteopathic Foundation, Inc.
Type Scholarship
Amount $1,000
Duration 1 Year


Each student may receive one of each scholarship.  Any osteopathic student, after completion of one year of osteopathic training in any of the legally accredited schools of osteopathic medicine, may apply for either or both scholarships. Applicant must be a student member of the Washington Osteopathic Medical Association.  The application deadline is February 15.

The Washington Osteopathic Foundation reserves the right to select scholarship recipients on the basis of Washington residency or any other criteria within its sole discretion.

The grant of any scholarship is conditional upon faithful attendance at classes and performance of duties as a student and upon maintenance of passing marks and honorable conduct without discredit to the school, the
profession of osteopathic medicine or the Foundation.

Applicant must be of legal age or have a co-signer of legal age to execute a promissory note Foundation.


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    Washington Osteopathic Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 16486
    Seattle, WA 98116-0486