West Virginia Health Sciences Scholarship Program

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, State of West Virginia
Type Scholarship
Amount $10k - 20k
Duration 2 Years


This program provides a scholarship incentive for students to complete their training in primary care and practice in underserved rural areas of West Virginia. The program is funded by state appropriation.

Eligibility: Fourth-year medical students at a West Virginia school of medicine (M.D.) or osteopathy (D.O.) who are entering primary care internships or residency programs in West Virginia; and students who are in the final year of a primary care educational program in West Virginia for nurse practitioners or physician assistants, or a master's degree nursing program in West Virginia leading to a career in nursing education.Although in-state residency is not a requirement, awarding preference will be given to West Virginia residents.


Benefits: $20,000 scholarship award for medical students and $10,000 for other disciplines. Awards are made by the Vice-Chancellor for Health Sciences, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, based on recommendations of an advisory panel.


Obligation: Medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students must sign a contract to practice in an underserved area of the state (Health Professional Shortage Area or other area designated as underserved by the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health) for a minimum of two years upon completion of training. Nurse educators must teach in an approved undergraduate nursing program in the state for at least two years. The penalty for not fulfilling the service obligation is repayment of the scholarship with interest.


Contact Alicia Tyler <tyler@hepc.wvnet.edu> for application details.


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