West Virginia Medical Student Loan Program

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount $5,000
Duration 1 Year


This program provides loans to students at schools of medicine or osteopathy in West Virginia. The program is funded by an annual set-aside of state medical student fees.

Eligibility: Students must be accepted for enrollment or be enrolled full-time in a West Virginia school of medicine (M.D.) or osteopathy (D.O.). They must meet designated academic standards and not be in default on any previous student loan.

Benefits: Maximum annual loan of $5,000. Recipients are selected annually by each school based on the applicant's eligibility and the availability of funds. Award amounts are determined by the school. Students may receive renewal loans each year, at the discretion of the school and depending on the availability of funds.

Loan forgiveness may be granted at the rate of $5,000 for each year of full-time practice in an approved underserved area of West Virginia or in a medical specialty designated as a critical shortage field in the state.

Obligation: Students must sign a promissory note to repay the loans at eight percent interest. Payment deferments may be granted during required military service or approved additional medical training, including internships and residencies, not to exceed five years. Students may request loan forgiveness, as outlined above, from the State College and University System of West Virginia.

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