William C. Ezell Fellowship

American Optometric Foundation
Type Fellowship
Amount $8,000
Duration 1 Year


Purpose and History

Since 1947 the American Optometric Foundation has offered Ezell Fellowships to encourage talented persons to pursue full-time careers in optometric research and education. These fellowships support graduate students enrolled in a full-time program of study and training in vision-related research that leads to a Master's or PhD degree.

The Ezell Fellowships have become the flagship program of the AOF. Fellowships are for one year and the current amount of the award is $8,000. Each student also receives travel grants to the annual meetings of the American Academy of Optometry and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, which are $750 each.

The American Optometric Foundation has awarded more than 200 Fellowships to students pursuing graduate studies. Among the list of former Ezell Fellows are over 20 deans and presidents of optometric schools and colleges, over 100 faculty members and over 100 Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry, including three of its presidents.


Post-graduate students, continuing a full-time program of study and training in research that leads to a Masters or Ph.D. degree.

Award Levels and Duration

Fellowships are $8,000 and distributed to winners in September. Reapplication can lead to funding for an additional year., however, only under exceptional circumstances will recipients be funded for a third year.

Other Restrictions

Post-graduate students entering or continuing a full-time program of study and training in research that leads to the Masters or Ph.D. degree.

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