Wisconsin Physician Loan Assistant Program

Federal Government and State of Wisconsin
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount $20k - 50kStudent may receive up to 50000 towards loan repayment.
Duration 1 YearSee website for details


The loan assistance program in Wisconsin was established to assist rural and central city communities in recruiting and retaining primary care health professionals. This is accomplished by helping those who wish to locate in these areas repay loans accrued during their professional education. There is a three year service requirement. Physician assistants, Certified nurse midwives, Nurse practitioners are invited to apply.

Primary care physicians

• Family Practice

• General Internal Medicine

• General Pediatrics



• Must have a contract with a 51.42 board for 8 or more hours a week

All physicians must also:

• Meet the definition of a physician as "an individual possessing the degree of doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy or an equivalent degree as determined by the board, and holding a license granted by the board", as defined by Wisconsin Statutes

• Show evidence of board certification or board eligibility in an eligible specialty above

Note: Being a Wisconsin resident or a graduate of a Wisconsin school is not required.

Physician assistant

• Graduate of an accredited PA program (see Note)

• Licensure by the State of Wisconsin (see Note)

Certified nurse midwife

• Licensure by the State of Wisconsin (see Note)

Nurse practitioner - meet (a) or (b) below:

(a) Meet the requirements of S. 632.895(a), Stats.

(b) Be licensed as a registered nurse in Wisconsin under Ch. 441 or the laws of another state and satisfy any of the


• Certification as a primary care nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist by the Amer. Nurses' Credentialing Ctr., the Nat'l Certification Corp., the Nat'l Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses, the Amer. Acad. of Nurse Practitioners, or by a certifying body approved by the Amer. Board of Nursing Specialties (see Note)

• Completion of an educational program approved by one of the certifying bodies listed above and be eligible, or will be upon completion of the minimum time-in-practice requirement, to take the professional certification examination as an advanced practice nurse (see Note)

Note: Includes proximate or anticipated graduation,

licensure or certification. Being a Wisconsin resident or

a graduate of a Wisconsin school is not required.


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