3 Must-Watch Health Care Documentaries

Planning a TV binge-watching session this weekend? Feel a little less guilty about spending time in front of the television by adding the following health care documentaries to your watching queue. That way you’re relaxing but also exploring athletic training, epidemiology and veterinary science career paths — It’s a win-win!

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness follows CrossFit competitors as they attempt to accomplish the Reebok CrossFit challenge. The workouts are intense and the competition fierce as these “top 1% of athletes” attempt to be the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman in the world. The grueling contest tests athletes over the span of five weeks and serves as a testament to the capabilities of the human body. If you’re interested in becoming an athletic trainer, add this one to your list, as you might end up offering your training services to athletes like the ones highlighted in this series. 

How to Survive a Plague

The 2012 documentary How to Survive a Plague is a film about the activism of AIDS group ACT UP, a group focused on increasing accessibility to effective HIV/AIDS medications. Future epidemiologists will be inspired by how this group of young adults changed the the pharmaceutical community and helped those affected by the AIDS epidemic live longer lives. 


Blackfish is a must-see for anyone interested in veterinary medicine, especially those who forget that veterinarians take care of more than just domestic animals like cats and dogs. The 2013 documentary takes a look at the shocking treatment of orca whales at aquatic theme parks. Experts and those involved with these parks discuss the mistreatment of the animals and their trainers. The revelations throughout the film show the impact of the abuse on the animals and their human counterparts — which lead to widespread controversy about the documentary itself. Animal lovers beware: this documentary will be upsetting, but it will educate you on the need for change. 

Documentaries offer a great window into health care careers! If you end up loving this genre, make sure check in periodically to see which documentaries your streaming services offer for your viewing pleasure. 

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