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Health Professions Week is a fun, digital event with activities to give you meaningful insight into what the path to a profession will look like from where you are starting.

Not sure how to really research a profession that is new to you? HPW can help with that!

Not sure what to major in or know you are interested in the health professions but have no idea which one might be the best fit? HPW has something to help you with that decision, too.

There are many events during HPW – so you can choose what content matters to you. HPW is on-demand, so come back later when you have new questions. HPW will be here to continue to bring you new ideas, new professions, and new paths to a meaningful career.

What’s Happening in November

Career Scavenger Hunt

Join HPW for a virtual scavenger hunt! Grab a map and track down each healthcare ticket on the health profession websites.

Download the scavenger hunt map and visit the explorehealthcareers.org websites. Locate the healthcare ticket with the missing word on it. Fill in the blank spaces with the missing words to reveal a hidden message.

HPW Scavenger Hunt Map

Average time: 15 minutes per “track.”

For your convenience, the map can be downloaded to your preferred device. Save it so you can refer to it again in the future!

Recorded Webinars

HPW is excited to be able to offer recordings of HPW2021 webinars. Available recordings can be found here:

HPW Webinars

HealthTalks on YouTube

HealthTalks are HPW’s signature video series, highlighting current topics that are of interest to students pursuing a career in the health professions.  Topics include:

  • Coping with COVID
  • Role of the Modern Healthcare Provider
  • Pathways to Your Healthcare Career
  • ..and many more!

Watch Now

Average time: 15 minutes to watch 2-3 videos

Self Care Sunday on YouTube

#SelfCareSunday at HPW is designed to specifically address self-care subjects.  This year we are covering self-care, mental and emotional wellness and asking for help.  We have a great series of videos for students to watch, including:

  • Staying Focused While Finding Balance
  • The Kind Mind
  • Normalizing Asking for Mental Health Help
  • …and more!

Watch Now

Average time: 15 minutes to watch 2-3 videos

Financial Literacy Day

Welcome to HPW’s Super Savvy Money Game!

We’re going to guide you through our official board game of financial literacy this week.  Don’t let the burden of how to budget for college or your health professions program stop you from winning!  Here’s how to play along:

Download our Super Savvy Money Game Board.

HPW Video Clues

Each video clue contains additional videos to watch to learn more – provided by our super savvy financial partner, Sallie Mae.  Watch the videos and then answer the two or three questions on the game card.

Start by envisioning what attributes and characteristics might be included in your “Dream Career.” Is it a career you can achieve by attending a 2-year community or technical college?  Perhaps your dream career will require a few more years of education.

What salary would you like to earn once you’ve achieved your “dreams.” Your “dream career” might be something you believe is dependable or highly regarded in your community. The answers to these questions will help you to complete important tasks like creating a budget and researching how long your career-choices will take to achieve.  Have fun playing the HPW Super Savvy Money Game!

Want more?  We’ll be posting additional game clues all week to make the game more interactive!  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for fun new clues!

Need more resources to help plan for your “dream career”?  Our 2021 Partners have loads of free resources available to help you on your financial journey.  Feel free to use these resources, too.


AACN Scholarships & Financial Aid AACP Dealing with Debt
AACP Tuition and Fees AAMC Fee Assistance Program
AAMC Financial Aid Fact Sheets AANA The Beginning
AANMC Financial Aid, Loans, and Scholarships ADEA Loan Comparison Chart
ADEA Money Matters APTA Enrich
ASCO Financing an Optometric Education ASPPH Financing Your Degree
ASPPH SOPHAS Fees and Waivers PAEA Paying for School
PAEA Student Scholarships About Student Loans
Monthly Budget Worksheet Fixed vs Variable Interest Rates
How to Fill out the FAFSA

 Average time to play: 45 to 60 minutes.

HPW’s Veterans Day Salute

Join HPW as we salute veteran’s working in healthcare and healthcare professionals who are serving a veteran population in their practice.

Location: HPW on Instagram

Average time to watch: 15 minutes.

Details for SpringHPW coming soon