HPW Events Schedule

Registration opens Summer 2018

Monday, November 5: Keynotes

Hear from a number of health professionals who work on a care team as they speak about interprofessionalism/collaborative care. We will announce the keynote speakers as they are confirmed!


Tuesday, November 6: Events on Election Day

Join us for a Twitter Conversation on Politics and Health. Health care professionals will share how their careers intersect with politics and how YOU can be a strong advocate for the future of health professions and the patients served.  Follow our twitter handle @HealthProfWeek

Who Am I?: Watch video clips from representatives from all professions as they give a broad explanation of their profession – but do not actually reveal it. Students will then “head to the polls” to select which profession is represented in the video.


Wednesday, November 7: College Student Day Virtual Fair

Virtual fair from 1:00 – 8:00 pm ET* Chat with representatives from each profession, about the path to becoming a health professional.

*Time is tentative and subject to change.


Thursday, November 8: High School Day Virtual Fair

Virtual fair from 11:00am – 3:00 pm ET*. Teachers and advisors – we welcome you and your students participate! Learn more about what you can do in high school to prepare for undergraduate, graduate school, or technical courses to earn degrees and certifications in the health professions.  Chat with representatives from each health profession!


Friday, November 9: Pulling it All Together

We’ll reveal the correct answers to the “Who Am I?” videos. Also planned is at least one live webinar focused on paying for health professions degrees, along with time for Q&A.

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