Frequently Asked Questions About HPW


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For Students

Is there a cost to register for Health Professions Week (HPW)?
There is no cost for students or student advisors to register for HPW.

When does registration open for Health Professions Weeks events?
Registration for all upcoming events can be found by registering or logging in to the MyHPW Dashboard.

What type of student should attend?
HPW welcomes high school and college students who are interested in pursuing a health professions career. Middle schoolers, career changes, and parents and/or counselors are also welcome.

The health profession I am interested in isn’t listed – is there a reason they aren’t participating?
Many health professions organizations were invited to participate in Health Professions Week this year. Some may have decided not to participate due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons. If you know of a health profession we should reach out to – let us know at

I have a question for a specific participating health profession. Who should I contact?
Please email, and we will forward the question to the appropriate contact.

What actually happens at HPW? Do I have to skip school to attend?
HPW is 100% online and mostly on-demand. Our webinars and live events happen in the evenings or on weekends. We record most of our live events and add the recordings to our YouTube channel, so you can watch when it’s convenient for you.  Games, activities and other events are also “on demand.” Play when you have time!

For Health Professions Organizations

My health profession is not currently on the list. How can we be considered for participation in the HPW events?
The goal of HPW is to expose students to careers in the health professions, so all are welcome. We would need your organization’s official commitment to participate no later than June 30 of each year. Please contact to get information about participating.

For Schools and Programs

My institution is interested in sponsoring HPW. Can we do that?
Please contact us at  to discuss ways your organization can be a part of the Health Professions Week activities as representatives of your profession(s).

Can my institution promote other health professions not officially participating?
Yes! The goal of HPW is to expose students to careers in the health professions, so all are welcome. If you know of a health professions organization that is interested in participating, please have someone from the organization email

Can representatives from the health professions institutions register for the virtual fair?
We’d love to have you join as a representative of your profession. Instead of registering as an attendee, please email

I am interested in volunteering to be a health professional representative in the virtual fair. Who should I contact?
Please email or the appropriate association contact.

Do you have flyer I can use for marketing the event to our students?
Yes! Please contact HPW by emailing

For Sponsors

My company is interested in sponsoring HPW. Can we do that?
Yes, sponsorships are available for organizations and commercial entities. Please contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Contact Us

I have a general question for HPW in general. Who should I contact?
Please email

Where can I find HPW on social?