Interested in an Internship? Get Started Now!

The skills you learn in the classroom are definitely applicable on the job, but sometimes it’s hard to see how they transfer without having an opportunity to practice in a lower stress environment. An internship can help since it offers an opportunity to work with a supervisor or mentor who can help direct your tasks and provide helpful feedback. Read on to learn more about the benefits of internships and how to find one.

What Are the Benefits of an Internship?

Whether they’re paid or unpaid, internships can offer you an opportunity to experience what it is like to work in your chosen field before you even graduate from school. The benefits vary depending on the specific type of internship you choose, but most positions will help you:

  • Obtain work experience before you graduate from college.
  • Develop new skills that help prepare you for the world of work.
  • Connect with professionals who can provide strong recommendations that make you more competitive on your graduate school application.

How Do You Find an Internship?

Check with your school’s career office for a listing of internships. Also consider talking to students who have internship experience as they may be able to give you tips on open positions. Use your connections with faculty, advisors, administrators and family members. You can also search online for opportunities.

Even if a work setting does not offer a structured internship, staff may be able to create an experience for you based on your interests and career goals. Consider the requirements your school has if you wish to use the internship to fulfill credits.

The Early Bird Gets the Internship

If you start your research and apply to internships early, you increase your chances of finding a great opportunity. This is especially true for paid positions as they often require an application process similar to applying for a job. As with most tasks associated with planning your studies, it’s best not to procrastinate so be sure to get started early.


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