Make Home Your Office with a Remote Health Care Job

Remote work is extremely popular right now. Many companies are encouraging teleworking several days a month while others are moving towards a completely remote environment. Some people never set foot in an office and teams are comprised of people working from all around the world.

Surely, this must be industry specific. There’s no way careers in law enforcement, science or health care could be remote, right?

Actually, they can.

There are so many ways to gain experience, even in a very “hands-on” career field like health care. There are several health care jobs that can be completely remote, while others allow for a combination of in-office and remote work, and others that do actually require you to work out of your home.

Getting ready for remote work

Health care jobs in particular require extensive certifications and subject matter expertise, and they require constant upkeep. There are many ways to continue your health care education and maintain certifications from your home office.

Several organizations offer free online courses and seminars for potential health care employees. Most health care programs also have some distance learning available. The World Health Organization and the American Medical Association are two examples of organizations that offer free online courses and seminars.

Remote health care work — Is it too good to be true?

Here are a few things to look for when considering remote positions:

  • Trust your gut. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No amount of research in the world can convince you of something you feel to be “off” in a remote job posting. It’s okay to walk away from something that you aren’t comfortable with.
  • Do some research. Check your professional network and see who else may work for this company, and ask them what its like. You should also be able to find information on Glassdoor and regarding the company and often the exact position you are considering.
  • Contact the company. If you see a remote position posted somewhere and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company. If there is no company listed, that may be an indication that this isn’t what it’s pretending to be. Even companies that use a recruiter to fill positions should be available for additional information regarding the position and work culture.
  • Consider the interview process. After submitting your resume or CV, the remainder of the interview process should be the exact same as if you were applying for a traditional position. Interviews may be done by Skype or Zoom, but they should still be conducted. There are several paths this process can take, but an interview should be conducted, for your benefit and for your prospective company’s benefit.

There are some really easy ways to tell if a remote job is a scam. If anyone ever asks for personal financial information before they have offered you the job, it’s time to cross that opportunity off of the list. Other indications include poor spelling or grammar in a job posting, a personal email address attached to the job posting or a job that pays a lot of money for seemingly little work. If a recruiter offers you the job immediately, without taking adequate time to review your experience or even ask for references, that is a sure red flag.

What are your options?

Some health care jobs are easier to imagine doing from the comfort of your couch. Others may seem like a stretch. In today’s job world, almost anything can be done remotely, even if it’s only temporary or part-time. For example, while a surgeon would need to actually be in the operating room, reports and research leading up to the surgery can often be done from elsewhere.


Working for an insurance company may be the easiest way to work from home. Insurance companies need a variety of professionals from across the health care field to run smoothly. These companies have a great reputation for being remote-friendly.


Most pharmacists work in a pharmacy in a retail or clinical setting, but there are options to transition to remote work after establishing yourself with a company. Working remotely usually involves reviewing and entering online prescriptions from home. Some pharmacists choose to work for insurance companies to oversee benefits programs and others transition out of the pharmacy field when moving to a remote position.

Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing

Probably the most popular remote job in the health care industry belongs to medical transcriptionists. They are able to work at any hour in any location, which really attracts people who move frequently, who are attending school or who have other things going on in their lives.

Medical coding and billing is similarly important and easy to do in a variety of work environments. You must be diligent when looking at certifications and training for medical billing as this is an avenue for scammers. Certifications and experience help with getting these types of jobs, especially as insurance companies outsource coders and billers.


There are ways physicians can work from home, though most are part-time or supplemental positions. Physicians looking to work from home can often find jobs with insurance or research companies, teaching online or reviewing and writing medical content.

Medical writers and editors

As the majority of writers are freelance, they are able to set their own terms and hours. Medical writers are in the same situation. Excellent writing skills and specialized knowledge are qualities that set medical writers and editors apart.


One of the ways nurses help people is by sharing information, which is something that is most often done over the phone or via secure messaging. As long as you are able to take calls or answer questions in a professional manner, where you are physically sitting may not matter. A few examples of RN positions that can be remote include:

  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Project manager
  • Health care recruiter
  • Nurse manager
  • Health It/Nursing informatics specialist

Are you ready to get started on a remote path? Here’s a list of 17 companies that hire health care professionals for remote positions. Good luck!


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