Promote Women’s Health as a Nurse Midwife

During National Women’s Health Week, the Office on Women’s Health promotes healthy lifestyles for women of all ages. During this week in May, the Office empowers women to make their health a priority. Take part in National Women’s Health Week and explore becoming a nurse midwife to help make a difference.

Top Threats to Women’s Health

Since many of the top threats to women’s health can be prevented, this week focuses on raising awareness of steps to take to improve health. Preventative medical care, precautions and a little attention can help combat the top five threats to women’s health:

  1. Heart disease accounts for 27% of all female deaths, more than all cancer deaths combined.
  2. Cancer is a close second with 22% of deaths. Surprisingly, breast cancer is not the most deadly threat. Lung cancer is.
  3. Stroke is not only a significant risk, it is also the leading cause of disability in women.
  4. COPD affects women’s airways and lungs, counting for 5% of deaths annually.
  5. Of the 4.5 million Alzheimer’s patients, more than half of them are women and more women die from this disease than men.

Promote Year-round Wellness as a Nurse Midwife

You likely know one key task that midwives do — assisting with births — but did you know that midwives often provide care from pre-conception through the post-partum period? In fact, midwives write prescriptions, provide patient education and counseling and oftentimes provide routine gynecological care as well. With a good job outlook, an average salary of over $90,000 and 6-10 years of higher education required to enter this field, midwifery is a great choice of a caring career.

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