Your Roadmap to Health Care Career Success: Senior Year

In recent posts, we’ve shared freshman, sophomore and junior year directions for students who are planning on a health care career that requires graduate school. Finally, it’s senior year!

Be sure to check out our general health care education overview plan, too.


During Senior Year

Keep up your grades Keep up your grades. Complete advanced science courses. While they may not be required, you will be better prepared for your graduate school experience. Ask your advisor or some students at the health professions schools you are considering which courses would help you the most. Finish up all course requirements for your degree.
Prepare for interviews Prepare for interviews. Participate in mock interviews if offered at your school. Put together an appropriate interviewing outfit. Professional business attire is the norm.
Respond Respond to offers. During your senior year, you will (hopefully) receive offers of admission. Depending on the date of acceptance, you will have a specific response time. Most —but not all—schools require a tuition deposit at the time you accept the offer of admission. Initiate the financial aid application process to the health professions school you decide to attend. Don’t procrastinate! Many financial aid awards are based on the date of application. Work with your health professions school’s financial aid office to stay on top of the application process.
Don't forget to celebrate Celebrate! You’ve completed your undergraduate program. It took a lot of work and dedication and you should be proud of what you’ve done so far! Be sure to take some time to celebrate even as you prepare for the next steps in your health care career.


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