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Spotlight on Optometrists

November 16, 2017 | 9:00am
We spend hours of our day staring at screens on our laptops, tablets, TVs or smartphones. While we use these devices for work and entertainment, one health care career may have a thing or two to say about relying too much on technology. Optometrists, also known as Doctors of Optometry


November 24, 2016 | 7:38pm
Doctors of Optometry (ODs) are the independent primary health care professionals for the eye. Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well as identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye (American Optometric Association [AOA]). New technologies have

Paying Outside of the Box: Unique Sources of Funding for Your Health Care Education

November 28, 2016 | 8:36pm
You may be generally aware of loans, grants and scholarships, but did you know that there are other unique sources of funding that could potentially pay for your health care education as well? In this post, we’ll explore two of these “outside of the box” funding sources: corporate and association

How Much Your Health Care Education Will Actually Cost You

October 20, 2016 | 8:18pm
Let’s say the sticker price for your dream college is $35,000 per year—this includes tuition, fees, room and board charges, and an allowance for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses. Now let’s say that you can’t afford to pay $35,000 to attend this school, but you really like the school

Graduate College in Four Years or Less

September 26, 2016 | 8:53am
The longer you take to obtain your degree, the more expensive that degree becomes. Here are three tips that can increase the chances you graduate college in four years or less. Tip #1: Plan Ahead If you are in high school, your guidance counselor can administer a career interest inventory

Explore Careers Confidently

May 30, 2017 | 6:26pm
  Access HPW Activities     2021 Activities and Events Include: HEALTH PROFESSIONS WEEK Thank you for attending HPW2021. Access to our content will be preserved through June 2022 for students and educators to access by clicking the Access HPW2021 Activities button above. Watch for new events to be added for

Community Connect Day Events Schedule

October 5, 2017 | 2:29pm
Thursday, November 9, 2017 Visit a health professions community event near you on Thursday, November 9! Events are listed below by state. Some events, as noted, take place on other days. Check back often for new additions. Share your experience by posting pictures of what you’ve learned on Instagram, Twitter

Get Inspired During Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week

June 23, 2017 | 4:18pm
Today, many children who are born deaf or blind have access to amazing support to help them navigate the world. Similarly, those who suffer loss of hearing or sight later in life have numerous resources to help them overcome communication barriers introduced by their new reality. It's unlikely that those

About this Site

December 4, 2016 | 4:19pm
Our history's mission is to help solve two urgent problems in U.S. health care: The under-representation of minorities in the workforce The shortage of health professionals in medically underserved communities We hope to help build a stronger health care workforce by providing easy access to updated, peer-reviewed career descriptions