Why Would I Want to Attend an Enrichment Program?

No matter which health care career path you choose, your studies are going to take a substantial amount of your time, effort and attention. Knowing what’s next is the key to your success. It’s never too soon to start planning which program you’ll complete or which class you’ll take next, especially since now’s the time to apply for summer and fall enrichment programs.

What is an Enrichment Program?

An enrichment program truly is an open door to opportunity. These programs can help you bolster your academics or explore a career field, like health care, that you are interested in. There are programs available to those in all levels of education, ranging from upcoming high school juniors through graduate level students.

You can find enrichment programs sponsored by high schools, colleges, universities and other not-for-profit organizations. Some programs are aimed at under-represented and low-income students while others are open to anyone. Students should be prepared to do work above their current level with professionals in the field. You may find yourself a bit out of their comfort zone — that’s fine! It’s a great opportunity for growth.

Benefits of Enrichment Programs

  • Career development
  • Advice and help with application process
  • A chance to meet students from different backgrounds and build relationships with peers
  • Exposure to life as a health profession student
  • Shadowing healthcare professionals
  • Special academic support such as study skills development, time management, review of science course content
  • Special research (clinical or basic science)
  • Advisement and mentoring

How to Find Programs

Most of the big name medical schools have summer programs for high school students. A search through their website should wield some great results.

Enrichment programs are a great way to get your feet wet before committing to a specific program. If you are considering a health care career, this is a great precursor to the field. If you’d like to specialize in a particular section of health care, an enrichment program will give you a behind-the-scenes look before you are committed.

Use our Health Care Careers Enrichment Programs database to search for programs that are right for you.


I like how the article explains that an enrichment program can help to bolster your academics in a field you’re interested in. My daughter loves science and I am wanting to enroll her in a program that lets her explore different aspects of science. I will look into enrolling her in a science enrichment program.

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