5 Tips to Prepare for Midterm Season

Midterms are coming up! Spend some time preparing so that you ace all of your tests. How can you possibly do that when you have so much going on? First, breathe. Then, use these five tips to get yourself prepared for midterm season.

1. Get organized

If your notebooks, binders and files aren’t as organized as they should be, putting a logical system in place is a good place to start. Midterms test your knowledge of what you learned throughout the first half of the semester, so you’ll want to review assignments you have not thought about in a few weeks. If your professor gives you a preview of what will be on the exam, use that insider’s info to create a study guide. That way you can avoid the hassle of having to search for notes you took months ago. 

2. Set a schedule

Grab a planner and set aside time each day to hit the books. You’ll feel less overwhelmed if you know you have time for more than just studying over the next few weeks. Make time for yourself to relieve stress — freaking out about how much time you do not have is only going to make you more stressed! This method can also help you prevent procrastination if you hold yourself accountable. 

3. Study in groups

Studying may not be your first choice of activity, especially when there are other things you would rather be doing like hanging out with friends. You’re not alone in feeling this way! Create a study group with friends so you can encourage each other to focus.

It may seem a bad idea because you may distract each other, but you can avoid distractions by creating rules for the group. Take breaks between bouts of reading a textbook or quiz each other with flashcards. Scout out a location that will help you to focus, like a library or a computer lab. Get away from the comfort of your room and TV if you really want to get to work! 

4. Create incentives for yourself

If getting an “A” is not enough to motivate you towards midterm success, make a deal with yourself. If you do well on a particularly tough project or exam, you get to reward yourself. If there is a new video game or an upcoming concert, you can set that up as a personal prize for doing well. Pass that difficult exam? Grab a fancy dinner. Survive a group project where you did about 90% of the work? Sounds like you deserve a new pair of shoes. Think of something what will push you even further to get through your midterms.

5. Ask for help

Your professors have office hours for a reason. Take advantage of them to create a professional relationship with your professor. This will help you with feeling comfortable admitting you may need understanding topics you are struggling with. Start approaching your professor now, not the night before the midterm. At this point you should know if you are having any difficulty and it is up to you to get passed it. But do not be afraid to ask for help from your professor!

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