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Join HPW this Spring!

Health Professions Week is a fun, digital event with activities to give you meaningful insight into what the path to a profession will look like from where you are starting.

Not sure how to really research a profession that is new to you? HPW can help with that!

Not sure what to major in or know you are interested in the health professions but have no idea which one might be the best fit? HPW has something to help you with that decision, too.

There are many events during HPW – so you can choose what content matters to you. HPW is on-demand, so come back later when you have new questions. HPW will be here to continue to bring you new ideas, new professions, and new paths to a meaningful career.

Access MyHPW for your personal dashboard of SpringHPW Activities. Details for live webinars will be posted in January 2023. Join every event with one registration.


About HPW

HPW is a nationwide collaboration between today’s healthcare and education organizations designed to provide reliable, accessible resources to explore careers in the health professions. If you are considering a future in the health professions, HPW is your one-stop-shop to explore 20+ unique career options. Registrants receive access to a personalized website with curated, on-demand content introducing the participating health professions, as well as access to exclusive live events featuring opportunities for one-on-one career advice. All future healthcare professionals are welcome to register for #HPW2022, including career changers, high school, college and graduate students, both domestic and international. Educators, advisors, and family members are encouraged to attend, too.

2022 Participating professions included:

2022 Alliance Network: