Spotlight on Dietitian Nutritionists

Many people kick off each new year with a commitment, or re-commitment, to making healthier choices. By the middle of the year, most have reverted to their old ways and some have even regained any weight that they lost the month before. As a dietitian nutritionist, you can help people get to the bottom of why it’s so hard to change their eating habits so that they can live healthier lives.

It seems simple: just exercise at least a certain amount of time a day and eat less calories. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to translate to real life as many would hope it is. They call in dieticians once they realize that it takes a little more work — and a better understanding of how the body works — to see and feel a difference.

There are quite a few specialties that you can choose as a dietitian nutritionist. As a community dietitian, you would help larger groups of people, like in a fitness center or public health clinic. For those interested in working directly with patients in the hospital or nursing home, clinical dietitian may be a great fit. Corporate dietitians work with advertising and marketing, as well as analyzing foods. There are even dietitians that work with school districts and child care facilities, ensuring that children are getting well balanced and healthy meals.

Start exploring becoming a dietitian nutritionist today so you can start making a difference for your community tomorrow.


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