ExploreHealthCareers.org Has Something for Everyone, From Undecided Students to Working Professionals

ExploreHealthCareers.org offers a vast amount of resources to current and aspiring healthcare professionals. Whether you want to learn more about health careers, need help applying to schools, are in the process of looking for a job, or simply want to stay informed on everything health careers, EHC has it all. This how-to guide will provide some helpful tips to maximize your experience using the site.

Undecided and option explorers: Those who are considering a health career

If you recently decided that you want to go into the health care field but haven’t figured out which type of health career is right for you, or you’re still on the fence about pursuing a health career and you just want to learn more, then you will benefit most from the Why a Career in Health? tab, which features the site’s official “About” page as well as a “FAQ” page that answers questions asked by other curious option explorers like you. It’s the first feature you should familiarize yourself with before taking on the rest of the site, as it introduces EHC’s goal, core values and the culture of the site.

Career Explorer is the most important tab for someone who is still trying to figure out where they fit in when it comes to health careers. This tab not only has a page specifically designed to help you determine whether a career in health is right for you, but it also allows you to narrow your career search by choosing the number of years you’d like to dedicate to school and your desired salary. Furthermore, this tab allows you to read and learn about different types of health careers and the importance of diversity in health care. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about health careers and finding one that best fits you. 

Current and future students: Those who are enrolled or applying to school

If you already know which health career you want to go into and are currently in school, or are in the process of applying to schools, EHC has an abundance of useful tools and resources that might benefit you. In fact, the Resources tab has everything from “Accredited Schools and Programs” to “Diversity Links.” It’s designed to help current and future students like you by providing information on important programs affiliated with health career education.

Another useful tool provided for future and current health students is the Your Education tab. You can collect information on the application process, explore payment plan options, make an academic schedule, look for scholarships and get access to enrichment programs. 

Established professionals and new graduates: Those who have a job or are looking for one

Whether you’re fresh out of school and searching for your first job or are a tenured health care professional, the site has resources catered specifically for your needs. If you aren’t looking for a new job, and just want to see what other kinds of opportunities there are for you to share your expertise, the Events tab is where you’ll want to go. There, you’ll be able to search and find health care events specific to your interests. You can also email the marketing team and get your own health care program or event featured on the site.

Information about Health Professions Week (HPW) can also be found under the Resources tab. HPW is a virtual career exploration experience with more than 20 participating healthcare professions. The week-long event is open to anyone who’s interested in learning more about healthcare careers and is completely free.  HPW 2020 starts on Saturday, November 14th, and goes through Wednesday, November 18th. Registration is open now for this great opportunity to learn more about various healthcare professions. 

If you’re currently searching for a job or want to find a new job in your health care field, the Jobs section makes it easy to search your field. Enter the type of job you’re looking for and the location you’re looking in and the database will do the rest. 

No matter where you are in your health career journey, ExploreHealthCareers.org has something for you! Now that you have a better understanding of everything EHC has to offer, it’s time to start exploring.

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