Feeling Stressed? Exercise Can Help

Balancing personal, professional and academic commitments can be quite stressful. Though you may remove academic commitments from the equation after graduation, stress will continue to be a part of your life long after you leave school. Work exercise into your routine now so that you’re better prepared to relieve and reduce stress in the future.

Release Endorphins

You’ve likely learned about endorphins in  one of your classes, and probably know they act as a natural pain reliever, sending happy signals to your brain. The happy feeling you get after a workout is due to them. Working out even just a few times a week helps your mood improve, which can aid in reducing stress.

Improve Strength

Concentrating on repetitive movements can help you clear your mind. Low to moderate intensity exercises with rhythm are best, especially if they use large muscle groups. Some of the best exercise for stress relief include running, swimming, cycling and walking. Try adding some stretching to these exercises to increase the effect.

Gain Self Confidence

Forming bonds with classmates and colleagues can increase happiness and improve mental health. Combine socializing with exercise to see even more benefits. Check out the campus gym for group classes or a group sport team to achieve both.

Along with feeling good after exercise, there are other benefits that can boost your self esteem. Losing weight, toning up, gaining confidence and a higher sense of control can all work together to lower anxiety and stress.

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