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Dear HPW Community,

After much discussion and reflection, the Health Professions Week (HPW) Executive Team has decided not to launch a new season of activities at this time.

HPW has been a valuable event for those interested in exploring careers in the health professions for nearly a decade. It offered a range of collaborative and interprofessional activities, including webinars, live panels, and virtual field trips, designed to provide insights into various healthcare careers. It is disappointing to us that we will not offer a new season of activities.

The spirit of collaboration and exploration that HPW fostered lives on through the independent healthcare organizations that founded it. These organizations remain committed to providing resources and opportunities for aspiring health professionals to discover their paths in this vital field.  We encourage you to visit any of the links and resources below.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,

The HPW Team


Health Professions Career Resources: