Spotlight on Athletic Trainers

“Your protection is our priority” promotes the National Athletic Trainers’ Association‘s 2017 National Athletic Training Month posters and PR toolkits, all created to spread awareness about the important service that trainers provide. Are you interested in helping athletes prevent injuries or rehabilitating those engaged in physical activity? Consider entering the athletic training field.

Founded in 1950, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) now boasts a global membership of over 43,000 and a full-time staff of 40. As a part of providing information, enhancing professional development and providing networking opportunities, NATA hosts National Athletic Training Month each March to remind prospective health care professionals of the field’s many career options, including:

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers, not to be confused with personal trainers, often have the first contact with a patient. They are able to help with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and help with rehabilitation.

Exercise Physiologist

Using various tools and tests, exercise physiologists begin by assessing their patient’s fitness and then develop a plan to help them improve upon it. Among the patients they may see include those with diabetes, pulmonary, or cardiovascular diseases. They may also help amateur and professional athletes increase their performance level.

Sports Medicine Physician

Physicians who specialize in sports medicine, focus on athletes and those who are physically active. They provide comprehensive health care and preventative health care, just like a primary care physician.

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