SkillUp Coalition: A Promising Way to Break into Healthcare


SkillUp is a non-profit coalition, with more than 60 leading organizations, formed in the wake of COVID-19 to help workers impacted by the pandemic get rehired for high growth jobs.

SkillUp helps people break into growing industries — which have more open jobs than qualified workers to fill — by accessing trusted, short-term online learning programs that help them get a foot in the door. The senior leadership at SkillUp knows a thing or two about philanthropy and trusted learning, with their Founder and Executive Chair Josh Jarrett having a background in ed-tech and a passion for creating economic equality and developing solutions to help underserved talent reach opportunity. Their Executive Director, Steve Lee, brings over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and nonprofit leadership. With a coalition of vetted training providers and world class partners, SkillUp is excited about making skills training and certification programs more accessible to everyone, especially those without 4 year degrees.

Healthcare was one of a few industries that continued to grow and thrive throughout the pandemic. The industry has high demand for skilled talent and it’s easier than you might think to break into the field. 

How does it work? 

SkillUp vets every one of the training programs it lists carefully. They have a list of criteria that includes student success (how many graduate), job placements (how many students get jobs after the program), economical programs (no more than a few thousand dollars) and earnings growth (average income increases of +$20,000 or an extra $20-25/hour). They also ensure each training program is centered around roles and careers that are growing and have hiring needs now and in the future. 

SkillUp helps to connect workers to the best healthcare training programs by connecting workers to high demand certification programs such as clinical data manager, clinical research coordinator, radiologic technician and respiratory therapist to name just a few. SkillUp recognizes that working in the healthcare field can require skills that people have acquired in other industries — like working in customer service roles in the hotel industry, food service and retail. Additionally, these roles teach workers how to work as part of a team in fast paced environments while delivering great customer service — which are valuable to have when working in healthcare.

Why a certification program?

  • It can be a fast-track entry path into the healthcare industry
  • It is a cost-effective alternative to 2 or 4 year programs — costing as little as $250 and can be completed in as little as 6 months
  • Nearly all programs are offered online and are designed to accommodate a busy schedule (including working another part time job or needing to take care of children) 
  • The average income increase is $20,000 or more for someone who completes a skill certification program successfully
  • Healthcare organizations have needs not only in their clinics and medical offices, but in administration as well — there are many opportunities to enter the healthcare industry through a “gateway job” with lots of room for advancement

Learn more about SkillUp’s healthcare certification programs below!

Clinical Data Manager

Clinical Research Coordinator

Informative Nurse Specialist

Medical Assistant

Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Personal Care Aide

Pharmacy Technician

Radiologic Technician

Respiratory Therapist

Surgical Assistant

Surgical Technologist

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