Discover the Benefits of Yoga for Students

You’re a college student. You have exams to prepare for, a job (or maybe even two!) that take up much of your time and family responsibilities to add on top of all of that. What you might not have is a sense of how to balance all of these competing responsibilities. Yoga is one way that many students better balance the stresses that come with being so busy. Read on for some of the benefits that you might experience from trying out this type of exercise.

Reduce & Eliminate Stress

The most popular reason that people begin taking yoga classes is to reduce stress as college students are under a lot of stress, even from day one. Pressure from family and friends to succeed, financial stressors and a demanding social atmosphere all pile up and take a toll. Reducing and eliminating stress through taking just a few minutes each day to breathe deeply can potentially help.

Reduce Conflict

If you’re living in the close quarters of a dorm room, fraternity house or apartment complex, conflicts are sure to arise from time to time. Yoga can help with this, by reducing stress and adding confidence to help make your mind clearer and produce a sense of peace. Many students find that yoga helps with controlling emotions and increases the ability to deal with situations that are frustrating.

Improve Concentration

Many of those who practice yoga have an easier time concentrating. Yoga helps clear the mind, which can give students a break from the constant social atmosphere of college. Practicing getting to a quiet mindspace can make it easier to concentrate when reading, studying and sitting through lectures. The breathing techniques taught in yoga are also easily applicable to college students when they need to focus.

Improve Posture

Yoga was developed by Indian monks — tuck that tidbit away for bar trivia next week — to help them sit through long hours of meditation. Since college students spend hours a day sitting in class, followed by hours studying or hours on their feet working, improving posture is yet another way yoga can be beneficial to college students.

Strengthen Core

One of the best benefits of yoga is flexibility, which will help with increasing strength and endurance in other athletic ventures. Core strength is a great side effect of yoga and will also help protect the back throughout the many moves in and out of apartments and dorm rooms throughout your college years.

The type of exercise program that works best for you might not be the same as the one that works for the next person. Trying out multiple types is a good way to choose which one you should make a part of your daily routine. Check out this piece from mindbodygreen for more reasons why college students might want to consider a regular yoga practice.


I didn’t realize that yoga helps clear the mind which would aid in increasing concentration. It makes sense that by focusing on controlling your body and breathing it would help you keep your mind at ease. This would be really important for college students because it would help them stay calm and relaxed despite the stress and strain that is placed on them.

I want to add one more thing that I knew that yoga can help improve your concentration. I would imagine that if it really does help improve focus it would also be nice because it would help relax you. I’ve been having trouble focusing at work so maybe I should look for a yoga studio nearby to help improve my focus.

My daughter has been really stressed out with her classes lately and I suggested that she should try some yoga to help her relax. She was wondering if there were any other benefits of doing yoga. I didn’t know that people who practice yoga have an easier time concentrating! That would definitely help her through school as well! Thank you for the information!

I like how you say that yoga can help you improve your posture. I want to start a new exercise, but I want it to do more than build muscles. It seems like finding a yoga class would do that for me.

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