How to Navigate Your First Online Education Fair

While similar to an education fair you’d attend in person, a virtual fair offers an opportunity to closely connect with representatives from several schools, some of which you may have considered too far away to visit for an in-person fair.

Who Attends

When you register for the fair, you’ll see information about some of the schools that are attending immediately. Others will send you emails before the fair, talking about their programs and what they have to offer. No advance research is required before the fair, but it’s a good idea to make sure there are a few schools on the attending list that interest you before you dedicate your time to the fair.

How to Navigate

Each of your schools of interest will have a virtual “room” that you can enter to join the conversation. If you’re a little shy, virtual fairs are a great option for you to learn more about your schools of interest in a comfortable setting. Some attendees will ask a lot of questions, which may make it easier for you to observe and still get answers. Once you’re comfortable,  you can message one of the admissions counselors using the fair technology’s chat feature. You’ll be able to easily see who is available and reach out to them while in each school’s room. You can even visit multiple rooms/schools at a time.

Next Steps

After the fair, many of the representatives that you chatted with will follow up with more information about their programs. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make yourself memorable to people who may have a say in your future admissions decisions. Respond with any questions you may have that you didn’t get a chance to ask at the fair or simply with a thank you for their time.

With minimal preparation, you can be ready for upcoming virtual education fairs. Don’t forget to ask questions!

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