You Can Help Lift the Mental Health Stigma

Living with a mental illness is challenging, and becomes even more so when you consider the stigma that often accompanies these conditions. Those struggling often have trouble reaching out and getting help. Fortunately, there’s an on-going movement to lift the stigma that’s drawing on the power of sharing experiences. Interested in making a difference in this movement? Consider becoming a mental health professional.

There are many organizations working to provide a forum for those who want to go public about their experience with mental illness. For instance, Stigma Fighters is a nonprofit dedicated to giving other people a platform to share their stories. Similarly, Amy Bleuel’s Project Semicolon asks people to draw a semicolon on their wrists to signify that their lives do not end with their mental health diagnosis. Photos of these tattoos took over social media when the movement started years ago and continue to be shared regularly today.

Make Caring for Those with Mental Illnesses Your Career

Mental health professionals provide care and support for those living with mental illnesses. This broad field features a wide range of career choices, and it’s becoming even broader as recent studies suggest that positive mental health can be closely associated with better physical health.

Working with individuals and/or groups of all ages, health professionals in this field help children, adolescents and adults deal with a variety of life stresses and problems, including:

  • Addiction/substance abuse.
  • Problems with self-esteem.
  • Aging-related mental health issues.
  • Family, parenting or marital problems.
  • Grief, anger or depression.
  • Other emotional or behavioral issues.

If you’re want to make a difference for the millions of individuals, consider joining the mental health field.

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